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Arpit K Kulshrestha Graduated in Computer Science with HONORS Degree in 2012. He is on mission to develop or to be a part of great mobile application which can enhance user experience and able to explore the world. 6 + Years of Apple Mobile Application Development Experience with a strong focus on Building Enterprise, Social Networking Applications and working with Objective-C, Xcode, Storyboard & Instruments. Working knowledge of Core iOS frameworks and skilled in debugging. He has developed apps using SOAP, REST, JSON and XML based Web Services. He is interested to pursue a career in Mobile Applications Development field and he is certain that his skills and work experience prepared him well for such role.
 He has been a specialist in Multimedia & Networking based iOS applications in these years. Have a good in depth knowledge in Network Programming models like TCP/IP. Have done several rich multimedia (Videos & Images) processing & manipulating applications in the same. 
He is accustomed to successfully juggling multiple projects and have an excellent track record of forging strong relationships with client. He work equally well in team-oriented and self-directed environments and find the challenges of the start-up setting stimulating. Specialties:- Map kit , Core Location , UIKit , Core Data , SQLite , Google API's , Facebook API's ,Cocoa 2D, Core Motion, Event Kit.

Is Flutter a recommendable alternative to Xamarin? – Analysis

Flutter is a UI framework. Plug it into your project and boom, common UI between platforms. If you wanted to do your entire project in dart, it’s going to be much different. Google’s hook is that dart isn’t difficult to … Continue reading

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Embedding Frameworks In An App

Adding A Framework Target Apps wishing to utilise frameworks to share code across different parts of their application, such as between an app and an app extension, need to start from the framework template appropriate for the app’s target platform. … Continue reading

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SOAP Web Service Implementation in iOS

Introduction to SOAP 1.2 –  With the introduction to SOAP 1.2 , W3C has fixed many of the perceived short comings of the technology and pushing this to new levels of both adoption and ease-of -use. It should also be … Continue reading

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SOAP with Attachments using MTOM

SOAP with Attachments – SwA (SOAP with Attachments) is a mechanism for using the existing SOAP and MIME facilities to perfect the transmission of files using Web Services invocations. SwA is a W3C Note. It was submitted as a proposal , … Continue reading

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iOS Background Mode VOIP – Exploring with Experiments

In iOS, Most apps will get completely suspended in Background modes. If you want to know more about background mode, you can read this article Support for applications running in background – iOS . VoIP Background Mode – VoIP stands for Voice … Continue reading

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Swift Programming : Future of Apple Softwares

From the starting decades of programming languages it were a discussion topic among developers to find best approaching programming language which could be fast , understandable, easy to handle and maintainable. In WWDC 2014 Apple introduced a new language ‘Swift … Continue reading

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iOS Development With Various Programming languages

In this competitive world of programming language, iOS and Mac Application Development not only tied with Objective C programming. It come up with a more explosion of other programming languages. After all, early on the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement stated … Continue reading

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Secure Sockets Layer Handling in iOS

Secure Sockets Layer  – SSL is the standard for encrypting and authenticating messages and identifying users and servers. iOS mainly Supports SSL with built in commonly trusted root certificate authorities. It means, if certificate was released by a trusted CA … Continue reading

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