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SOAP with Attachments using MTOM

SOAP with Attachments – SwA (SOAP with Attachments) is a mechanism for using the existing SOAP and MIME facilities to perfect the transmission of files using Web Services invocations. SwA is a W3C Note. It was submitted as a proposal , … Continue reading

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Swift Programming : Future of Apple Softwares

From the starting decades of programming languages it were a discussion topic among developers to find best approaching programming language which could be fast , understandable, easy to handle and maintainable. In WWDC 2014 Apple introduced a new language ‘Swift … Continue reading

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iOS Development With Various Programming languages

In this competitive world of programming language, iOS and Mac Application Development not only tied with Objective C programming. It come up with a more explosion of other programming languages. After all, early on the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement stated … Continue reading

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